Sounds like you all had an awesome time! Xx
Hang on are you still out there or back?? ⚡️
@roseandmayflowers ... it was amazing !!! X
@rosiebarrettevents ...... back baby !!!! X ........ mind you I’m quite tempted to head straight back to the Alps !! See you very very soon !
Super photo x
Stop it right now 🔥
@brightandbeauty1 ..... the skill of @mooch_and_meander and an iPhone !!!
@timmy_rosh 😂😂😂😂
Take me back ❤️❤️
@mooch_and_meander xx anytime you want xxx ....... actually .... once we’ve paid the last holiday off !!! X
GQ captain of the year right there people ♥️
Aidy is skiing too! But in the three valleys 😢
@lizzie_mortimore ..... good for him, no doubt saving the nation as always ?!! X
@frosticals 😂😂😂😂😂
Front cover of Gay Times or Giacomo catalogue
Looking good!